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19 Year Old Aziz Proposes to 85 Year Old Lover, She Says Yes



Mawanda Aziz Magically, a local singer is warming up to fall in the loins of an 85 year old white woman known as Monalisa and the two are about to get married after Aziz proposing to her and she said yes.

Going by the acronym Aziz Magically and rumored to be around 19 years who is also a struggling singer proposed to Monalisa Larson an 85 year old Swedish Woman well known for falling in love with another Ugandan singer known as Guvnor Ace that dumped her immediately after stealing millions of money from her a few years ago.

Magically now says he doesn’t mind what they say about his expired century old woman as long as they love each other and now they he has proposed to her and they are set to get married before the end of August 2018.

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