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Weekend excitement turns sour. What an experience!



She was excited the rehearsal was over. She’s got a whole weekend to spend with her uncle who had always wanted her to come visit him. She was clad in a Navy Blue Jeans trousers, a sweat top and a fez cap. She wore a pair on black tennis shoes. She had packed a light-weight hand luggage which now hangs on her shoulder. She rushed to the bus-stop close by her department. She hoped to catch her fun fully during the weekend.

“Campus Gate!” The bus conductor shouted as the bus pulled over.

She rushed to secure a space in the bus.

“First gate wa o!” She said.

“Gb’ese le!” (Pull over!) The conductor yelled.

The bus pulled over for her to alight.

“E wo bo se nse bii baby” (See her behaving like a baby) the conductor said as the bus moved.

She hissed and moved on towards the exit gate. She struggled with her luggage as she joined another bus. She was heading to Agodi/Gate to join a taxi or bus to Aranmolaran on Old Ife Road where her Uncle lived.

The traffic at Agodi/Gate was at a standstill. No vehicle could move. Automobiles’ engines were running loudly, releasing unhealthy exhaust; cars kept honking their horns, different shouts from different angles; in addition, the sun was scorching so much that the heat from within the bus was very unbearable. She was thirsty.

“Buy cold pure water!” A water vendor advertised. She brought out a Twenty Naira note from the One Hundred and Twenty Naira she had in her pocket. She bought a sachet of pure water and was offered her Fifteen Naira change. She kept the change, with the remaining Hundred Naira, in the back pocket of her trousers; that was all she had left on her. She had believed her uncle would give her some money when going back to the school.

She alighted at Aranmolaran Bus-Stop. She was on the street, singing happily as she walked on. Her uncle’s house was at the end of the close. She could see the beautiful duplex a few meters ahead. At last she was at the gate to the house! The house seemed quiet but she thought he was indoor sleeping. She pressed the doorbell several times to no avail until someone from another building walked up to her.

“Hello young woman.”

“Good evening sir.” She responded.

“I saw you as I was coming from town and decided to come ask you who you seek.”

“I am asking for Dr. Kola Brown, my Uncle.”

“Did you not call him?”

“I would if I had a phone sir.”

“Oh, sorry! He’s out of town!”

“Really?” She said sadly.

“He should be back before the end of the week.”

She nodded in thanks.

She decided to go back to the campus.

She waved down several buses and cabs but none waited to lift her. She got fed up. She saw a short tree stump by a signpost. She sat on it and wondered what next. She was left with One Hundred and Fifteen Naira. Her journey back to the campus would cost her a Hundred and Ten Naira. She wondered how to survive till when she got to see her uncle. She dipped her hand in her pocket to bring out the money but the money had gone. Her pocket had been picked. She searched through her luggage but to no avail. She was already crying. She was sure she kept the money in her back pocket.

She decided, after crying her eyes out, to walk the distance.

It was already past 5pm.

As she walked on, she saw a store nearby. the store was fully stocked with goods. The shop owner was a beautiful woman, a little plump but shapely. She was seated by the entrance into the store. She walked up to her.

“Good evening ma.” She greeted.

“Hello young lady.” The woman responded.

“Yes ma.

“What would you like to buy?

“I am sorry ma. I… Urr…” She stammers.

The shop owner looked at her scornfully.

“Lady, if you have nothing to say or buy; leave my store!” She shouted at her.

“I am sorry ma. My pocket was picked and I have to go back to school. I don’t know if you could assist me with some money. I am going to the University ma.”

“Really? Klepto! Ole! That is how you’d be going here and there to spy. If you don’t disappear from here, I’d call the street security to arrest you…”

She hurriedly left the shop before the shop owner could raise an alarm. She cried as she walked to the park. As she turns to a nearby street, she heard someone call her.

“Hey, babe!”

She turned around. Excited, she shouted “Marcus! Thank goodness!”

“What are you looking for in my domain? My territory!” He asked.

“I came to pay an Uncle a visit but I met his absence.”

“Oh, sorwee…!” He responded in sarcasm.

“Unfortunately, my pocket had been picked. I lost all the cash on me. Hence my walking down your ‘domain’!” She said wiping her face.

“No wonder! I was about asking what happened from the way you look.”

She looked on in plea.

“Don’t worry, shit happens!”

“Shit happens?” She exclaimed.

“Yes, it does!”

“Urgh!” She sighed aloud.

“I am about going back to the campus. If you don’t mind, my mum could pick you along?”

She was happy. She jumped in relief.

“Thank you” She said loudly.

“Come on in! Let me get you some refreshment before we set out.” He helped her with her luggage as he winked at her.

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