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Aisha, The St. Louis SHS Girl In Leaked Sextape Finally Speaks



A young girl, Aisha who is at the centre of a leaked video has spoken for the first time after the video went viral on social media.

According to Aisha, she had no knowledge that the guys were taking the video and she had no idea such video even existed. She explained that it was even her mother who sent the video to her…damn!!

When the video which has been described as the craziest in recent times got released, most people concluded the video was taken with her consent because there was just no way the video would have been taken without her knowing about it.

In fact, it was obvious the guys were taking turns taking the video and enjoying her at the same time.

If she says she was not aware the video was being taken, then she was either drunk, on some drugs or she was high on orgasm…lol

In a voice note to her friend, Aisha who was in tears told the friend she was not aware her video was being taken.

She didn’t deny she was the one in the video and neither was she remorseful for taking on 3 strong men. This girl is skillful…lol

Listen to Aisha speaking below

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