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So, it was a Wednesday morning. My boss and I were preparing for a meeting scheduled to hold at 12pm. The provision of snacks and drinks was part of the responsibilities my department was saddled with. Bottle Water and Soft Drinks had been put in the refrigerator for cooling. Everything was set.

I had just finished putting together the necessary document for the meeting. I was feeling weak because I was yet to have my breakfast. I quickly took a cube of sugar from its container and threw it in a small cup of water to drink. My subordinate noticed I was going weak, so he offered me a chair. Immediately I sat down, he brought out my breakfast from my food bag and excused himself to go wait at the meeting venue.

My boss was seated opposite me. She was reading a newspaper. A story from the paper caught her fancy. She shared the content with me. It was a funny piece, so I laughed while I had a mouthful of yam and fried egg. Unfortunately, bit of the content in my mouth went in the wrong way. I choked. I immediately opened the fridge which was by my side to take a bottle of water. But my boss stopped.

“Hey, the bottles of water there have been counted.” She shouted.

“But I will replace it, I am…” I stuttered.

“Get some water from elsewhere, not those.” She said coldly.

I was choking. I was already drooling. A bit of the chewed meal was already coming out of my nostrils. I looked at her with tear-filled eyes. How wicked she was? She buried her eyes in the newspaper like she was not concerned. I started praying within me and psyching myself to calm. Luckily, I got over it without stress. As soon as the crisis was over, I went to a nearby mini mart to buy a bag of sachet water which I kept by my table in the office. I was embittered but what could I do? She was my boss. I acted as if nothing happened and went on with my business for the day.


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It was 10am. She felt hungry and brought out her food warmer. She got to the task at hand. The stew smelled stale but she kept eating. I continued with what I was doing on my PC until I heard her cough. She was coughing just like I was earlier. Her meal had gone the wrong way. She was choking. She rushed to open the fridge to take a bottle of water. I raised my head and watched her angrily. She felt bad. She was choking but couldn’t take the water from the fridge neither could she close the fridge’s door. She looked at me in plea. I smiled. I offered her a sachet of water. She gratefully accepted and drank it almost in a gulp.

Thank goodness, she was able to survive that instance. I picked my document and other needed gadgets and left the office.


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