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BBNaija: Double Wahala Continues Four Months After



Four months after the third edition of  Nigeria’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) ended, the drama from it is still hovering around.

Big Brother Naija ended four months ago but the drama continues. Season three was called “Double Wahala” and “wahala” seems to have continued endlessly.

In the history of Big Brother Naija, no one was followed as much as last season’s show. The followership is evident today as fans still keep tab on their favourite housemates.

The ex-housemates have been posting their activities on Instagram in order to carry their fans along. Some of their activities have sparked off heated conversations on social media.

One of them is the relationship between Leo Da Silva and Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee-C. In the house, they were not romantically involved, but today they are lovebirds. Some fans are not convinced though. They think it is a plan by Leo and Cee-C to get back at Tobi Bakre and Alexandra Asogwa, popular known as Alex. In the house it was the other way round. Alex was with Leo, while Cee-C was with Tobi.

As a result of that relationship, there has been war of words by fans of Cee-C and Alex on social media. The attacks have extended to the ex-housemates. The Next Edition learnt that Alex was attacked by a fan of Cee-C in Port Harcourt about two months ago for “snatching Tobi.”

In what seemed to be retaliation for that, it was alleged that a fan of Alex sent an email to Cee-C threatening to bath her with acid just to punish her.

Last week was full of drama as Cee-C posted a picture of a fan of Alex threatening to pour her acid if she does not call her fans to order

The supposed fan alleged that Cee-C’s fans insulted Tobi and Alex everyday on their various social media platforms.

Cee-C screen grabbed the mail and posted on her Instagram live feed and captioned it, “Is this ever going to stop?”

In the mail, the alleged angry fan wrote: “Since you won’t tell your fellow bitter fans to stop trolling Alex and Tobi, I will teach you a lesson you will never forget in your miserable life.

“You are a bitter short witch. Tobi has moved on from you. You should do same. It is not by force. You pay people to troll them every day. I know where you live and I will f–k you up. Be prepared. Anywhere I see you; I am going to pour acid on your face.

“As a scar, you will never forget in your life. I won’t kill you but I will bath your face with acid.”

What followed was mixed reactions from fans of all the names involved. To some of them she was right to have revealed the threat for the public to know. Some however, asked why she did not go to the police. Some others doubted the authenticity of it and called it a publicity stunt.

An Instagram user with the handle @FaihtLola wrote “I watched BBNaija and I saw Cee-C’s attitude and her character.

That girl was sick and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing someone she felt attached to. The way she spoke and stared at fellow housemates, she could kill with her eyes if it was possible. All of a sudden she has become an angel outside the house? People don’t change easily. Cee-C needs help. I think she made up that story just to make Alex look bad.”

Aside from fans’ reactions, some former housemates also aired their views. Leo took to twitter to assure his lover that no harm would befall her as Lagos is his hometown. He wrote: “You’re threatening child of grace in Lagos where one of her allies is a true Lagosian.”

Ifu Ennada also reacted. She made some revelations on her Instagram page. In her post, she said Alex and Cee-C are not in good terms and that all efforts to make them settle their differences proved abortive.

She wrote: “Sometime in Port Harcourt, about two months ago, a Cee-C’s fan verbally and physically attacked Alex. It was so bad that Alex was going to damn the public eyes watching and retaliate, but for intervention from Rico, I and Naomi – Alex’s manager who stopped her.

“I spoke with Cee-C to speak out to her fans but she didn’t. I also spoke to her about the possibility of making peace with Alex. Alex had told me Cee-C ignored her greeting with Rico being a witness. I asked Cee-C about this, but she dismissed it.

“We all don’t have to be friends, but we should all have respect for each other,” she said.

In the same vein, Princess, another housemate of BBNaija Double Wahala went all guns blazing by calling the acid bath threat “a publicity stunt” on Cee-C’s part.

Princess stated on her Instagram page that instead of coming to social media to report the threat, she should have taken it to law enforcement agencies. She then called on both Alex and Cee-C to make peace.

Part of her statement reads: “Get over this bad blood already! First of all if this is an actual threat and not a publicity stunt it should be sent to the law enforcement agencies and not social media because publicizing such threat in such an aloof manner would only fuel more imaginations of how best to carry out the plot. The fans of both parties are taking this way too seriously. The show was about 20 housemates not just three people.”

Cee-C later explained why she revealed the video after she was bashed by most people on social media. She said in an interview with Arise TV that she posted it on her Instagram page for her fans to know the ugliness that comes with fame.

She also slammed the publicity stunt claim by most people: “If you want to go to Big Brother house, be ready. It is not about the glitz, people would threaten you.”

She later called for peace, by posting “The past is gone. Let it go! The future is promising! Work for it. Today is the best time to build the future. Stay focused.”

Some fans were not impressed with her reconciliation statement. “Cee-C will always be Cee-C. To me she is not calling for peace. She is encouraging herself to stay focused,” a fan with the handle @Ibijones tweeted.

As for Alex, she urged all the reality show stars to “let peace reign” and prayed for them to succeed in their different endeavours.

On her Instagram page, she appreciated all the Big Brother housemates by mentioning their names by their handles on the social media platform.

“I am not preaching friendship, all I preach is peace and love. Let love lead please. Before posting this, I damned advice and reactions. Turning off my data again today. Try take chill pills my loved ones. May God bless us all, in our different ways. We will all be successful in Jesus name. No competition at all.”

It remains to be seen if fans of Alex and Cee-C would sheath their swords in order for peace to reign.

With the developments so far, one cannot be wrong to conclude that the organizers of the BBNaija who themed it “Double Wahala” must have envisaged the amount of “wahala” that would ensue. With one “wahala” in the house and another one outside of it, it is indeed “Double Wahala.”

Source: Next Edition

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