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I had never gone on leave since I secured the employment. Statutorily, we were allowed to split our annual leave into parts but not more than three parts.

“Hey, Arodu! What’s up?” Keem asked me with a wink.

“Nothing much o, my professional husband.” I responded with a flirty smile.

“Yes o, my professional wife. So, I’ll be missing your wit and wisdom for the next one month?”

“Yes o, Keem! I am so excited! All the shouts and condemnation from ‘Iya’ would ease, at least.” I smiled.

“Hmm, I am suspecting this your excitement! You sure say na papa & mama house you dey go spend ya leave?” Keem asked suspiciously.

I chuckled “I too small to go hide under my man?”

“Yee paripa! Somebody don snatch my wife o! I talk am? (Oops! Someone has snatched my wife! i said it?)”

I smiled shyly.

I had been excited all day. That was my first statutory annual leave. I had had it all planned out. Yes, I was going to spend a large part of the leave with my fiancé. I had notified my parents. my mobile phone, which was on my worktable, vibrated; I picked it. It was the reminder that the day was at a close for work. I cleared my table, picked my handbag and luggage, stood up and walked toward the door. I stopped by Keem’s table.

“My one and only professional husband! Take care. Don’t miss me too much.” I gave him a mild pat on the shoulder.

“Yes babe! Have fun and always put a call through should you run into some hard games.” He winked with a wide grin.

“See y’all in a month. Nobody should ‘officially’ call me back from leave o, una hear?” I said as I closed the door behind her.

The journey from my workplace to Kaybee Housing Estate was smooth except for her anxiety. A little distance away from the last bus-stop, I brought out a small mirror and powder case from my handbag. I applied a bit of the powder on my face. Looking satisfied, I smiled.

“O wa o! (I am alighting here!)” I shouted.

The driver pulled the cab to a stop. I alighted with grace.

As I took my steps in short stretches, my hips swayed sensuously. I wore a Peggy blue jeans trousers, low waist. The base of my shirt rested on the top of the trousers’ waist band, revealing a bit of my waist and my waist gold chain as I swayed. The shirt was made of a soft tissue-like fabric. It was a V-necked cut, partially revealing my cleavage. I had my sunglasses resting on my head, holding back my long dread-locked hair. Everyone admired my beauty as I walked past. I was excited!

That was her first time of having a long time to spend with my fiancé. I had been visiting but never stayed for more than a night. Adeyemi had shown me love and care. He never gave me a reason to feel insecure. He had always showered me with genuine affection. This visit was definitely going to be a surprise. I never told him I’d spend part of my leave with him. Fortunately, I was unable to get through to him via telephone. He was not reachable. I thought of how pleased he’d be to have me spend quality time with him, he had always wanted that.

I was close to the house. I felt uneasy. I was pressed. I needed to use the loo. So I hurried on. As I got to the gate, Adeyemi’s tenant was exiting the compound. We exchanged pleasantries as I entered into the compound. I rushed into the house unannounced. I could not rush to Adeyemi’s room because it was a distance away from the living room. Instead, I rushed into the visitor’s room close by without a knock.

“Oops!” I was surprised.

Before my leave, I had come on a weekend to spend time in Adeyemi’s place. There I met a young lady, Yemisi. Yemisi was everywhere. She felt so free like that was her home. I played along. I pretended as though I didn’t read through the lines.

“Aunty Arodu!”

“Hey!” I smiled at her.

“Good to meet you after a long time of waiting!”

“Really?” I responded.

“Adeyemi told me a lot about you.” Yemisi spoke on.

I simply nodded as I walked to the living room. I saw Adeyemi looking confused where he stood. I walked past him to go pick her handbag & luggage. As I turned to leave the living room, I bumped into Adeyemi who was behind me with a stretched arm. I smiled as I handed my luggage to him. He held me by the waist as we both walked toward the room.

As soon as we got into the room, Adeyemi started talking.

“Uhm, I am sorry.”

“About what?”

“Yemisi! I actually had to…”

“Please help me with my zipper!” I broke into his speech unperturbed.

“Oh, sorry!” He helped her and continued his speech.

“You know, her father is an older friend. We cycle together most evenings and on weekends.”

“Hmnn!” I responded.

“Uhm, she ran to my house to escape police arrest. She was pushed into a fraud unknowingly and my place was the closest she could run to when the police came to her father’s house to arrest her. She…”

“Adeyemi, I asked for no explanation. She is your guest and I have no reason to query you for that.”

“But you are my babe and to an extent, your right in the house demands an explanation to some unprecedented surprises. I also…”

“Adeyemi, please! Spare me this! I am not complaining really. I understand.” I gave him a warm kiss on the lips.

“That’s my girl!” Adeyemi responded.

He jumped in bed putting his hands behind his head to watch me undress. I sang on as I did all she needed to do sensuously. He couldn’t help but get out of the bed to hold me from behind; he whispered love in my ear as he kissed me on the neck…

The dinner was fun. The trio chatted over any and everything.

“Yemisi, what do you do?” I asked.

“I just finished my OND from the State Polytechnic”

“Cool! So, what’s your plan for the next level?”

“Uhm, Uncle Yemi has promised to set me up in Fashion Designing. I learnt that as a young girl.”

“Nice!” I responded as I stole a look at the duo.

“Aunty, please I want to plead that you don’t misunderstand my stay here.”

I nodded as I drank from my cup.

“There’s nothing between me and Uncle Yemi. He is my father’s friend and our relationship is platonic.” Yemisi continued.

“If you say so.” I smiled.

My phone rang. I picked it. It was an SMS. I read the content and passed the telephone on to Adeyemi. He was surprised at the content and passed it on to Yemisi on my instruction.

“Ha! It’s a lie o Aunty” Yemisi shouted.

“There is nothing between us o.” she repeated.

I looked from Yemisi to Adeyemi.

“If there is, you know now that he is in a serious relationship with me. If there is not, it would be better you don’t let it be. Not for your good but for his own good” I warned.

The rest of the meal was had in silence.

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