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Confirmed: Apple put an end to iPod nano and shuffle



Apple confirmed that iPod nano and shuffle are stopped and will eventually be removed from sale in retail stores too.

Furthermore, Apple also gave update on the iPod touch lineup, now offering only 32GB and 128GB models at reduced prices.

Apple willing to make the “iPod touch” the only iPod left on Apple’s website available for sale, this led to the removal of its iPod nano and iPod shuffle product pages from its website, indicating that the company could be moving towards officially discontinuing the products.

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Reports claims that there hadn’t been any concrete notice or indication that the product would be removed from sale as some of the Apple retail stores still yet to be informed.
There are further doubts if Apple is just removing their presence from online or will also stop selling the devices in its retail stores where as of recent weeks its had stock of both products in many locations.

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