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Confusing Moment Two Workers Filmed Emptying And Loading Same Lorry



This is the moment stunned residents film a construction worker shovelling soil into a lorry while his colleague empties it out again.

The video was recorded on the crossroads of Colon and Pringles avenues in the city of Olavarria in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

In the footage, a motorist parks up to film two labourers wearing high-visibility jackets by an excavation lorry filled with soil.

One of the men is on the back of the lorry shovelling soil out while the other is on the ground in front of a large mound of earth shovelling it in.

The motorist filmed the two men cancelling each other out for nearly a minute before footage from another car driver shows the same scene from a different angle.

The motorist says: ‘This is how our country works, my friends. Incredible.

‘One loads as the other empties.’

Watch video below: 

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