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It was my follow-up day at the Dental Clinic. I had taken time to work on my appearance. I dressed smart and simple as usual. I wore a short Ankara Dress made by me. The dress was smart and fitted perfectly on me. I wore a flat pair of sandals. I had prepared some ice cubes in my vacuum flask in case I’d need to drink something cold. I picked the flask along with my bag and a novel I was reading the previous night.

It was an hour journey to the clinic from my house and about 15minutes walk to the clinic from the main hospital gate. Immediately I stepped into the compound, a Toyota Corolla was driven in. It halted a short distance ahead of me. I walked close to the car, the window was wound down and voila! It was Dr. Olumide!

“Hello Arodu.”

“Good morning doctor.” I responded calmly.

“Mind a lift to the clinic?”


I opted into the car. It was cosy. The scent from the car freshener was awesome. The air conditioner was doing a good job. The interior was indeed neat and comfy. A soft jazz music was playing in the car stereo. Obviously he liked music.

“Thanks” I said smiling modestly.

He winked and drove on. The short journey was a quiet one except for his once-in-a-while hum of the song playing.

At last we were at the clinic. I alighted as soon as the car was centrally unlocked. He was wearing a black short-sleeve shirt and a pair of carton brown trouser. He wore a smart black shoes, well-polished; and he had a leather wristwatch around his left wrist. He looked more handsome.

He ushered me into his office as soon as we entered the clinic. I was happy I’d leave early being the first patient to be attended to.

Some minutes later, a group of 6 people came into the office. One of them carried a big birthday cake in her arms, while others held on to one gift or the other.

They all sang like a choir!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Doctor, Happy Birthday to you"

I was awed just as he was too. I joined in. It was his birthday. He was happy. He blew off the candles on the cake and was asked to make a wish.

“Urr…!” He licked his lips.

“I hope you won’t be surprised?” He asked jokingly.

We all smiled.

“Go on doc.” Someone said in encouragement.

“I wish this day that that woman, in whom I caught fancy the first day I met her, becomes my girl; to love and to cherish for as long as fate allows.” He said turning to look at me.

I was shocked. The members of staff started clapping. They ‘hooed’ and ‘haaaad’ in excitement.

I looked on in a mixture of surprise and confusion. He dropped the cake on his table and walked up to me. He stood before me, looking straight into my eyes. He raised my chin with his palm making me look up at him. His palm was soft. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t.

“Will you?” He asked romantically. His eyes thinned sensuously. I read in his eyes how serious he was.

The ‘Hoos’ and ‘Haaas’ continued but more loudly.

I started blinking uncontrollably. I didn’t know what to do.  I wanted to run. I wanted to shout and hit him at the same time but I couldn’t. He moved closer and even closer. I stepped backwards. I kept moving backwards with every step he took towards me until the wall stopped me. And then he rested his palms on the wall; by so caging me in the circle formed by his arms around me. He planted a warm kiss on my forehead and…


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