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One afternoon, Doyin was in his room. He was watching an American movie. He wished he knew how to act. His room door opened gently. His mother walked in. He sat up immediately. He thought of what could have brought his mother into his room. She looked worried. She was not smiling. She sat by his bed.

“Doyin! Who is Mosun?” She asked without looking at him. He was shocked. He lost his voice almost immediately.

“Um… Um…” He stuttered.

“I am waiting, Doyin.”

“Um…, Mosun is my friend.”

“Since when?”

“I met her at Derin’s birthday.”

“She is pregnant!”

“Pregnant? How?”

“I should ask you Son?” She turned to look at him in the face.

“Mom, I know nothing about her pregnancy.”

“You’ll tell that to her and her parents. They are waiting for us in the living room.”

She stood up and walked out. Doyin followed her sluggishly.

Later that night, his parents had a long talk with him. He admitted they both made love the last time he went for a holiday. They expressed their displeasure but all he could offer was to say ‘SORRY’.

The night was a long one for him. He flashed back to how Mosun’s parents threatened to deal with him and his parents should anything happen to their daughter. He thought of how Mosun lied that he lured her into the act. He cried bitterly. He worried about people’s reaction when they hear of his disappointing act.


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His phone rang. He picked it. It was Derin.

“Hi buddy!”

“Hey! What’s up?”

“Congratulations! ”

“Congratulations! You are now a father.”

The news brought him more fear than he thought.

“How could she have birthed a baby?” He wondered. The time he had it with her was just about seven months away. He wondered if she had a pre-term baby.

He rushed to his parents and told them of the news he received and his dilemma. His parents calmed him and told him to wait till the child could be made to undergo a DNA test.

Years passed. Doyin had finished from the university. He had secured a good job with the popular Gandy Oil & Gas. He was due for marriage with his fiancé, Kate, in few months but he was determined to get to the bottom of Mosun’s baby’s paternity.

The pain he felt was beyond description. He was seated on the bench at the waiting area of the hospital lost in thought. Tears rolled down his eyes as he looked on. He was unsure what the result would be. He had been mocked, ridiculed and maltreated just for an avoidable ecstasy. How did he get himself into his current situation? He had tried to wash himself clean to no avail. No one believed him. All fingers were pointed at him. Every eye was on him. He couldn’t wash himself clean of the accusation. His parents had accepted fate. Initially, they weren’t in conviction that their son was guilty of the act but had no choice than to accept because their son had nothing to proof his innocence.

“Doyin!” Derin called his name. Derin had graduated as a Medical Doctor. He held a piece of paper. It was a laboratory result.

“How far?” He asked

“The result shows that that boy is not your son.”


“100% Yes!”

“I said it. I was not responsible for the pregnancy but I couldn’t claim my innocence because I had sex with her.” He broke down and cried.

Mosun later told the truth after receiving the news of the paternity test. She was already pregnant before she had sex with Doyin but she was unsure of who was responsible.

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