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How did he fall? The pain he felt was beyond description. He was seated on the bench at the waiting area of the hospital lost in thought. Tears rolled down his eyes as he looked on. He was unsure what the result would be. He had been mocked, ridiculed and maltreated just for an avoidable ecstasy. How did he get himself into his current situation? He had tried to wash himself clean to no avail. No one believed him. All fingers were pointed at him. Every eye was on him. He couldn’t wash himself clean of the accusation. His parents had accepted fate. Initially, they weren’t in conviction that their son was guilty of the act but had no choice than to accept because their son had nothing to proof his innocence.

Doyin was young. He was 17-years old, dark and about 5’4” tall. He was very handsome. His parents were true Christians. They were of the middle class. They were both business oriented and were very committed to building a good home filled with children worth emulating. He had just finished from the Secondary School with good grades. The first gift he was given by his parents was partial freedom. He was excited when he got the approval to go spend some time with his cousins in the neighbouring town. He wanted the fun, just the fun. He had wanted to know more about Mosun. She was a beautiful young girl. At 16, her curves were already formed. The last time he saw her was at Derin’s birthday. Derin was his cousin; the oldest of the three living in the neighbouring town. He got talking with Mosun while the birthday party lasted. They had exchanged telephone numbers and other social media handles they shared. They had always chatted via the social media platforms; and exchanged calls once in a while. Doyin’s stay with his cousin would avail him the opportunity of seeing Mosun again.

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Doyin got to the estate gate early enough. He pulled along his luggage whilst his side bag swung here and there as he walked. He wore a smart buba and sokoto. He felt like a king strolling down the Akerele Street. As he walked on, he was on the lookout for Mosun. As soon as he turned off the Akerele Street into Bamgbegbe Close, he heard his name.


He turned back. It was Mosun. His heart leapt. She wore a ¾ Jeans trouser. She wore a short dreadlock. She looked stunning. The youthful lust enveloped him but he quickly called himself to order. “This is beauty!” He thought. He hugged her so closely. She offered to help him with his side bag. He pulled along his luggage as they walked on and talked. They bade themselves goodbye on a promise to see again the following day. He smiled and licked his lips in lust as she walked away. He couldn’t wait for the following day. He thought of how the following day would go throughout the night. His cousins would have gone to their various workplaces by the time Mosun would come visiting. At last, he’d have enough time to get to know her. He created different beautiful pictures of the tomorrow that was yet to come.

“Ding-Dong!” The door bell rang.

“Who is there?” Doyin asked.


“Wow! Just a minute please.” He responded.

He rushed back to spray on some perfume. He quickly re-arranged the living room. He switched on the Air Conditioner and the Television. He went to get the door. He made the sign of the cross and adjusted his t-shirt as he opened the door. She smiled at him. They shared a quick hug. He made her comfortable. They talked about any and everything – school stuff, religion, movies, music etc. And one thing led to the other, Mosun started it. They were kissing, necking, caressing and the lots.

“Please stop!”He pleaded.

Mosun wouldn’t stop. she had her intention. In few minutes, it was over. She felt satisfied. She eventually had her way. Though it was fun for Mosun, Doyin felt bad. That was his first time but definitely not Mosun’s. He would have enjoyed every bit but he didn’t. Mosun raped him so to put. He felt he had betrayed his religion and the trust his parents had in him. How did he fall eventually?

…to be continued!

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