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How I Exhausted All My Money During 2015 Elections -Desmond Elliot



Popular Nollywood actor cum politician, Desmond Elliot has revealed in details how he started featuring in movies and his rise to stardom.

He made this known during a motivational talk at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), Ogba, Lagos State.

Elliot, a lawmaker representing Surulere constituency, however claimed to have started from a little beginning just like most people.

According to him, he started featuring in movies with ‘Waka-Pass’.

Waka-Pass is a term used in movie making whereby an actor, is billed to just work-by a scene while the camera is rolling.

Desmond, who has also produced series of movies claimed to have beeen paid N500 per ‘Waka-Pass’.

The 47-year-old father of four, however also said he exhausted all his company’s money on the 2015 election campaign.

According to him, his wife woke him up while sleeping in the middle of the night that what has he done to the family..

He said, “My wife woke me up in the middle of the night, asking questions on how the company’s account is empty. If you loose this election, what will happen to us? How do we survive as a family if eventually you loose? What will be next phase?

“But all I told her was that if I lost, we are starting all over again. And here we are today.”

Feeding questions on the challenges he faced in rise to stardom, Desmond Elliot said it was tribalism.

According to him, tribalism rocks the Nollywood industry but he was able to overcome with the right strategy. “The strategy I implored was that I twisted my name. I joined Desmond with Elliot which is almost English by the way.

“With that nobody knows my route, where I came from, they related with me as a simple Nigerian.”

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