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Husband Describes Wife’s Privates ‘Wide Watery’ In Court



A Zimbabwean man, Mhlupeki Dlamini, 43, deserted his wife Jane Ncube, 32, after allegedly accusing her of having big and watery private parts as a result of sleeping around.

Dlamini expressed his bitterness at a Lupane Civil Court where he accused his wife of having loose morals.

He told the court that he had stumbled upon several raunchy se_xual messages on his wife’s phone.

“I have seen several lewd se_xual messages on her phone which were from her lovers and when I asked about them she flatly denied them saying they were stray messages,” said Dlamini

“Since she sleeps around with several men her privates have become watery and that puts me off. Your worship, it’s like I am mast_urbating when I’m having s_ex with her. That’s the horrible se_x life that I’m enduring,” he lamented

In her defense, Ncube shot down the accusations saying that her husband wants to marry another teacher.

“He is lying that I sleep around, what I know for sure is that he is ditching me because I have turned down his request to marry a local teacher. And he is in the habit of beating and insulting me whenever an argument arises,” she said.

The couple has been ordered to go for counseling and get back to court on the 18th of September.

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