“I am sorry!” She said in tears.
She was a beautiful young lady, tall and beautifully endowed. She got married at 26 to him. He was 27, a graduate, handsome and gainfully employed. Despite being a Muslim, he never stopped her from practicing her religion, Christianity.
They had lived together legally as husband and wife for 17years. They were blessed with two children, a boy and a girl. Every Sunday, he drove her to church along with their children. He was available to drive them down every evening they needed to go for a vigil. He allowed his children practise Christianity.

His telephone beeped. It was an SMS…
“Just to remind you that today makes it 2years I left your house”

He remembered what led to Kiki walking out of his life.
“No pls. Navigate to Ora road.” Kiki said.
“Ora road again?” Nuel queried.
She gave no answer. He had warned her to stop worshipping at the Spiritual Sanctuary. He had told her never to take his children there for any service. He had warned her because the church’s doctrine was fetish. The location of the church was far away in the thick bush. He was angry. He pulled over and…
He stormed angrily into the living room. She walked in like nothing happened.
“Kiki! Let tonight be the last time you’d ignore my order.” He said. He picked up a magazine and went into his room.
He woke up late the following morning. He didn’t find Kiki by his side. He got out of bed sluggishly. He saw a note on the bedside table.

He was shocked but took it as a joke. Every attempt to reach her proved abortive. Her parents didn’t help the situation. They refused to reconcile the two of them. The last time Nuel’s parents were at Kiki’s parent’s place, they were treated like a piece of dirt.
It’s been 2years since she left him. She never came around not even to check on her children. She neither called nor wrote any letter.

“Hey!” He hailed as he stepped into Dr. Brown’s office.
“See this married-but-living-single engineer.”
They hugged.
“You are welcome bro. How’s life?”
“We are living it.” Nuel responded with a brief smile.
“Thanks for honouring my call.”
“Anytime doc. What’s up?”
“Your wife is here.”
“Yes. She’s paralyzed waist down.”
“Yes. She was knocked down by a hit and run vehicle while she was running away from being killed by a fake pastor.”
He could feel tears building up in his eyes.
“Can I see her?”

She opened her eyes.
“How are you?”Nuel asked.
She could only respond with a cry.
“Be calm pls. Nuel, don’t work her up. Excuse me.” The doctor said as he left the private ward.
“I am sorry.” She said.
Nuel held her by the palm. He loved her. He could still feel it deep. He looked at her.
“Don’t cry. Just tell me…”

She was in the Spiritual Sanctuary. The prophet called out. She went into the special prayer room where the prophet was. She was asked to kneel for prayers. She felt a hand on her shoulder. She thought she heard a screeching sound of a metal being pulled. She opened her eyes slightly. She saw the prophet as he raised a machete. She stood up to run. He charged after her. He threw the machete at her. It hit her on the leg but didn’t cut her. She ran for her life. She was not looking. She crossed the road and…

When she opened her eyes, she was in the hospital. She had been in coma for 4days. She couldn’t move her legs. The doctor told her she had been paralyzed waist down.

“I am sorry. I got what I never bargained for. If I had known”

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