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Arodu's Chronicles

I came to the city optimistic but…



I came to the city optimistic. I just graduated from the University after studying Theatre Arts. I last visited to the city as a child. The environment had changed over time. Beautiful buildings here and there. There were more vehicles and more people. It had changed from the quiet capital to a busy one.

I joined a taxi to the Broadcasting House. I was to meet my Uncle who had promised to hand me over to his Radio Presenter friend who would link me up with the popular presenter.


When I turned around, it was my uncle. He was excited. He was dressed in his usual buba and sokoto.

“Uncle!” I shouted in excitement.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I am fine sir”

“My brother?”

“He’s fine too sir.”

“Welcome dear!”

In no time, we were in his office. As soon as I settled in, a knock was heard.

“Please come in.” My uncle directed.

“Chief oh my Chief!”

“Kogberegbe, the presenter!”

“Good morning sir.” Kogberegbe responded.

“How was your program today?”

“We thank God sir. Is this your niece you told me about?”

I quickly knelt in greetings.

“Yes! That’s Arodu. She’s a graduate of Theatre Arts and Radio/TV presentation is her desire.”

“Hello, young lady!”

“Good morning sir!”

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?”

“Yes sir. I worked part-time with the National TV as an undergraduate and I enjoyed every bit'” I responded with excitement.

“No problems. We’ll see to that.”

It was not long before I fell in line with Presenter Kogberegbe. He promised to do the needful. In the meanwhile, he advised I mingled with presenters around. I was happy.

The following day was a Saturday. Kogberegbe volunteered to show me round the city. I was excited.

It was a fun-filled evening with Kogberegbe until we got to the Smoove Barbecue Place. It was a a busy place, Men and women everywhere. Young ladies were dressed in skimpy outfits revealing their curves and cleavages; and young men in their saggy trousers and shorts. They smoked everything smoke-able and drank everything drinkable.

We eventually settled down by a table. A popular Radio/TV presenter was there with his team. We exchanged pleasantries. He was warm, friendly and witty. He had a bottle of Gulder before him and a wide round plate of ‘Asun’ (Meat Barbecue). I noticed that the bottle of Gulder was always replaced every time the initial one finished. Thus, people who just joined the table always thought he was drinking just a bottle. By the time we eventually left, he had had almost 10 bottles.

It was about 8.30pm. I was becoming impatient. I wanted to go home to my uncle. I whispered in Kogberegbe’s ears. He told me he had made arrangement with the popular presenter to take me home since his house was within my uncle’s neighbourhood. The idea was not okay to me but I had no choice. I believed he wouldn’t do anything silly since my uncle trusted Kogberegbe so much.

The popular presenter eventually was ready to leave. He asked me to sit in the back seat of his Cherokee jeep whilst he sat with his driver in the front. I expected him to turn to my uncle’s street but he continued further. So, I challenged him.

“Sir, you just passed my street.’


“Yes sir.”

‘I thought Kogberegbe discussed with you?”

“What sir?”

“You are staying with me tonight!”

It sounded odd in my ears. I was surprised and angered at the same time. I snapped.

“I am sorry, he never discussed such with me. besides, I am not one of such ladies you pick up for your night adventures in brothels.”

“Hey, babe! You are not a novice, are you?”

“Please pull over now before I do anything you’d hate me for.”


He was obviously not willing to instruct his driver to pull over. I wound down the side glass and started shouting “Kidnapper! Help, I have been kidnapped!”

“Park!” He shouted at his driver.

I alighted and walked back to my uncle’s street. As I walked on, I put a call through to Kogberegbe. I was disappointed. he betrayed my uncle’s trust and mine too.


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