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I had just stepped into my bedroom when my phone beeped. It was an SMS. I picked the phone up from my dressing table to read through the information contained in the SMS.

“Stupid people!” I exclaimed.

At that point, my brother walked into my room.

“Sis, what’s up? Who were you talking to?” He asked in his usual jocular manner.

I hissed.

“Don’t mind whoever that was, I beg.”

“Who?” He wondered.

“Someone just sent me an SMS with an incomplete information” I said as I gave him the phone.

Please come with your writing materials for a recruitment test on Saturday, 12th May, 2008

He laughed out loud.

“Scammers!” he exclaimed aloud.

I was done with my face clean-up in no time. I picked my phone and put a call through to the number with which the SMS was sent.

“Good afternoon!”

“Good afternoon!” The voice at the other end of the call replied.

“Sorry, I received an SMS for a recruitment test scheduled for 12th May but I don’t know the venue nor the time for the test.” I explained.

“What is always wrong with you tiny-voiced ladies?”

“Excuse me?”

“I am sure you didn’t read through the SMS.”

“I am sorry Mr. Whoever. Please don’t insult me. You should be ashamed of your incompetence sir instead of pushing your blame to me S-C-A-M-M-E-R!” I spoke back in anger and hung up.

About Ten (10) minutes later, my phone beeped. It was the same SMS but this time it contained a complete information.

I had waited two (2) years after my National Service to secure a good job. It had been one temporary job or the other until I received the SMS.

I left Lagos early in a chattered cab to meet up with the 9am call time. Luckily, I was the first candidate to arrive at the venue for the test. I went straight to the HR Manager’s office. I was dressed in a mini skirt suit and held on tight to the folder containing my credentials. While I waited for the HR Manager in the ante-room to finish up with his brief meeting with the examiners in his office; the office secretary started complaining about the malfunctioning of the computer system. She put a call through to a staff via the intercom phone on her table. In a swift a beautiful woman walked in and began to troubleshoot the PC’s issue. Unfortunately, she couldn’t solve the problem. As soon as she stepped out, I offered to assist. Without much stress, I fixed the error and the system was up again. The secretary was so excited that she offered me a cup of hot tea. I needed that really because it was a cold and rainy morning.

I had just returned to my seat when the HR Manager came out of his office with the team of examiners. We exchanged pleasantries. Immediately the examiners exited, he turned to me and asked why I was in the office. I respectfully stood up and explained my mission. He brought out his phone to make a call. My phone rang. As I looked at my phone’s screen, I discovered it was the same number that sent me the SMS.

I was shocked!

“So, it was the HR Manager that I called a scammer?” I thought within me. I was sure I had lost the job even before writing the test.

“So, you are that lady that spoke to me rudely over the phone?” He questioned me.

“I am sorry sir; you’d have done same too if you were to be in my shoes sir.” I replied politely.

“Imagine this …this … How old are you?” He managed to ask.

“I am 27years sir.”

“From where?”

“I am Owu sir.”

“No wonder.”

“…but sir, the SMS contained an incomplete information and that was not due to my incompetence?” I said.

“So, who was incompetent?” He asked angrily.

“I am sorry sir. I know I don’t have this job. I beg to leave.” I picked my folder from the side stool and made to leave.

“No, young lady. You were right. I was incompetent. I sent an incomplete information. I should have read over the message before sending it.”

I sighed.

“You can go ahead and write your exams. I hope to meet you there and at the interview; but learn to be calmer at speech.”

“I will. Thanks sir.” I answered happily.

“Hurry! Your examiners are waiting.”

I smiled as I left the office. I was happy I’d be writing the test but unsure of what to meet at the interview.

Luckily, I performed beyond expectation in the written and oral tests. I got the job at the end!


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