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It was already dark. Kaffy, the club slay queen needed to get to a safe place. She had a little cash left in her bag. She was confused. There was nowhere for her to sleep. She needed to sleep but knew nobody in the neighbourhood. She was stranded. While she sat by a street light, a Toyota RAV4 pulled over. The driver wound down the glass and called out.

“Hello young lady!”

Kaffy did not respond.

After several attempts to catch her attention, the driver alighted. He walked up to her. She jumped in fear immediately the man tapped her. She had slept off. She stepped away from the man.

“I am sorry, young lady. I had to stop to talk to you. It is unusual to find a beautiful young lady stranded on the road.”

“Thank you sir. I am fine.” She managed to say modestly.

He noticed she was afraid. He tried to be calm.

“I am Dr. Chris. Urrr… this area is unsafe for you at this time. I can see you are probably coming from a ‘jump’ or a party but ran into some challenges. Am I right?”

She nodded.

“Would you mind if I offered you a safer place to pass the night?”

“Don’t bother sir. I will be fine.” She said as she hurriedly walked away.

The man followed behind her. She was scared but needed urgent help. She stopped abruptly and turned to the man. She was crying.

“Uncle, please don’t hurt me.”

She started talking as fast as she could.

“I am stranded but I don’t want to run into trouble. My friends were kidnapped some hours ago. I was spared because I had gone to pick a call outside the club when the kidnappers came. I saw my friends being whisked away but I could not help. I came from another town to club here without letting my parents know. I know God is punishing me but I don’t want to be hurt. I am a…” the man cuts in.

“Never mind young lady. Like I said I am here to help not to hurt you.”

She followed behind him as he led her back to the car.


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The journey was a quiet one except for once in a while when the man asked if Kaffy was fine. They got to the man’s destination. It was a beautiful compound. The gate man opened the gate. He saluted the man as he drove in. Kaffy’s heart was beating too fast. She managed to alight.

“Please come with me.” The man said.

She followed quietly and observed the building as they walked. The compound was exquisitely beautified with various flowers and statues. There was a fountain in the centre where water flowed. The man opened the main door. They both entered. The interior was expensively adorned. Kaffy’s fear mounted higher. She was crying again. The man walked close to her.

“I mean no harm. I am only out to help you. You’ll be fine”

She only nodded. The man gave her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. He called on his housekeeper.

“Welcome sir. Good evening lady.”

“Thanks Madam Grace. Please make her comfortable. We’ll see tomorrow.”

“Ok boss.”

Madam Grace led her to the guest room.

It was a long night for Kaffy. She was glad when the morning came. She was happy she slept well. She had just had her bath and dressed up for the new day. She heard a gentle knock on the door. She had locked the door and pushed the large table in the room to its back. She managed to push back the table. She unlocked the door and let in Dr. Chris who was holding a tray of Tea and Sandwich. She smiled and knelt down as soon as she closed the door.

“Thank you sir. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble.”

“It was a pleasure dear. Please stand up and take a seat.” He responded.

“Thank you sir.”

“I brought you that.” He pointed at the tray he had placed on the bed.

She smiled in appreciation.

“So when are you going home?”

“As soon as I am done with this meal sir.”

“Good but would you be comfortable in that outfit?”

She felt ashamed of herself.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix you up as soon as you are ready.” He smiled.

He offered to drive her down to her parents. She was happy.

As soon as she alighted, her mother, who had been worried, shouted.

“Neighbour, she is back o! Kafilat!”

She knelt down in plea. Dr. Chris walked up to her mother.

“Good morning ma. I apologise on her behalf ma. A child will always be a child. I happened to be of help where I found her.”

“Thanks my brother. She has been a pain in the neck. Her father just left for the Police Station to report that she’s been missing.”

“We are sorry. I believe she has learnt her lesson.” He responded.

“Let me call her father quickly.”

Kaffy cried bitterly but Dr. Chris was there to calm her.

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