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Must Read: How Online Battle Between Bloggers Esabod and Abike Jagaban Began (Photos)



Popular Nigerian abroad based bloggers, Esabod and Abike Jagaban have been in a messy online feud and its sure getting fans entertained.

Tolulope Gaba A.K.A Abike Jagaban lives in England while Esabod- Esther Tokunbo Aboderin lives in Ireland. The two women have gained more followers including celebrities to get updated on their media feud.

Esther Tokunbo Aboderin A.K.A Esabod

Esther Tokunbo Aboderin A.KA. Esabod, became quite popular after a video she did, blasting controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo. The video had over 84,171 views.

Although her spoken English wasn’t fluent enough, many people stuck to her page to watch her speak. Esabod had been doing live chats and videos before she became famous through the Kemi Olunloyo video.

A top Lagos society woman, Mrs. Tokunbo Ashabi, says she likes watching videos of the two bloggers. She said: “My sister, you can’t help but laugh when you watch these two women’s videos. Though, they have taken it too far these days as they keep attacking each other ferociously, but we are enjoying it. Their chats provide a comic relief for us. I love watching it and laughing off the tension of my business challenges before taking a nap.”

Another top Lagos woman said: “See, some call it bullying, but let me tell you, do you know most of the celebrities follow them? Yes, they may not want to admit it, but they do follow them. It is from there that we know who is an illegal immigrant in London or in America. It is also from their chats that we know which society babe is married and still having extra-marital affairs.

You can’t help but be hooked to it after watching two episodes. Some of my friends are fans of Esabod, while I am a fan of Abike Jagaban. We discuss it as we discus Nigerian Soap Opera.”

How the Fight Began

56 year old Esther Aboderin had called out Abike Jagaban in a 10 minutes clip for outing her close friend who had a child for another man while still with her husband, while She  herself was also  sleeping with big wigs in London. The video went viral and was watched by millions.

Angered by Esabod’s video of her, Abike went on to make a video she titled “Dido Lobo” where she slammed Esabod and accused her of not being a saint either. She went on to rant about how many Nigerian women who live abroad go promiscous because of the very cold weather.

Her choice of words were quite raw and she advised women who feel threatened about their husbands being taken care of by single mothers.

Abike wasn’t too hard with Esabod in her own video but things went out of line after Esabod did two more videos, one on London-based Nigerian fabric merchant and the other a London-based celebrity newspaper publisher. Many of the things she recorded about them were found to be false.

It went pretty dramatic after many recordings of a London-based Magazine publisher was aired on Esabod’s Facebook live chat.


Abike came to the resue of the publisher and also took up the challenge to fight for those Esabod had recorded about.

Esther Aboderin aka Esabod also known as ‘Iya Ewe’ began the feud by slandering Abike Jagaban who is now seen as Mandela-fighting for many.

Fans and loyalists of the two bloggers have joined in the online war of words. They include; Dorcas Adeyinka, A.K.A Lady Polodee, Naomi Oduntan Byass JP, Dupe Olaoluwa Olatunbosun Babalola, Otunba Olaniyi Apoewa, Yeye Dupsy Olugbodi-Alade, Yeye Kudi Alowonle, Omowonuola Oyebode, Helen Gbemi Ogundimu, and many others whom Esabod had called out on her chats before now.

Tolulope Gaba A.K.A. Abike Jagaban

Abike has since been fighting for those Esabod shamed on her live videos.  Esabod whose loyal followers include; Bukola Jesse (awarded no1 in cursing and swearing) Folashade Olatunji A.K.A Eloquencer Akinosho (both resident in Manchester) and Funmi Akinyemi A.K.A Lafunky Baltimore Latraitor (resident in U.S.A).

Lafunky  had slammed UK law enforecemnt agencies for not looking into Abike Jagaban’s stay. Esabod’s click had dared to attend one of Abike’s party and she threatened them to attend and be deported back to Nigeria. In a video titled “Wole Ki O De Ikeja Straight,“ she alleged that many of them are illegal immigrants and had reported them to enforcement agencies.

Sometimes early in the summer,  Esabod said Abike Jagaban who had traveled to Nigeria could not enter London again but Jagaban did and took pictures of proof for her fans. She dared Esabod to also come to London if she had the nerves.

Esabod did go to London but reports say some of Abike’s fans had told authorities that a terrorist had arrived the country.

She was embarrased after security men with dogs searched all her belongings. Abike was not arrested for false information and many were left to wonder why.

Esther Aboderin aka Esabod is also having a fight with a member of her inner caucus. She recently did a video where she instructed her fans to stop supporting Folasade Olatunji who stood by her during her Facebook live videos.

While all this was going on, properties of prominent members on both sides were been vandalized including that of Lady Polodee on the Abike Jagaban’s side and that of the head of ”Omo Ewe” herself Esabod last week.

Funmi Akinyemi A.K.A Lafunky

The latest now is that Funmi Akinyemi A.KA.Lafunky, who use to be Abike Jagaban’s friend  before she decamped to become ”Omo Ewe” and even organised a birthday party for Esabod in America has reconciled with the ”Omo Aye” Abike Jagaban group after a peace meeting put together by one of Abike loyalist Polodee. She apologised  to London big boy  Ademile Bakare A.K.A Infinity a big fan and supporter of Abike Jagaban on a live chat over the weekend. This move  sparkled another round of animosity on the side of the Esabod gang who all felt betrayed by Lafunky, she is believed  to be the 2nd in command in the group. They all said  Lafunky’s peace move was made without consultations and for this, they now are all out for war with her.

Dorcas Adeyinka A.K.A LadyPolodee

Abike Jagaban’s birthday to be held in London and other places has been slated for 9/9 2017 and  so much preparation has gone into it, including ”Asoebi”. The ‘Omo Ewe” group have said they will be there to disrupt the celebration while the ”Omo Aye” are daring them to show up, it promises to be a day to remember.

Guys stay tuned for more on this entertaining and developing story…

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