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I had a lot of work to do in the office. I knew I might come back late. I prayed in my heart for strength to cope at work and a safe journey. I went to bid my mother goodbye. She was studying her bible in a corner of her room.

“Ok dear. Arinye o! (Safe journey!)” My mother prayed as I stepped out of the room.

I murmured “Amen”.

I waited for about 20minutes before I could get a bike to the motor park. The rider was an averagely old man. We conversed in my native dialect while haggling over the price. He rode carefully at a low speed; he sang all the way. In less than 15minutes, we were at the motor park.

“O ti d’obe! O ya, e m’owo obe wa?” (It has happened! Bring the money for the meal) the driver asked in his usual funny way. I calmly brought out my N500.00 note and gave to him.

“Ha! Sister, na you? Mo sese jade ni, ibo ni mo ti fe ri change?” (Ha! Is that you, sister? I just came out, where do I get the change?)

”E ma binu, na so e be this morning.” (I am sorry, that’s the situation this morning.) I said with a pleading smile. He nodded and said “E l’enu! E je ki ngb’owo lo na!” (Hail you! Let me collect from others!)

He offered me the N200.00 naira change as he hopped into the car. He started the car engine and slammed his side door angrily leaving the passengers in awe. He turned on the sound system and as usual, the volume was on the high.

We had a smooth journey. The driver drove on moderately; though, once in a while, he hurled abusive words on some reckless bike riders, drivers and passers-by.

As always, my ears and eyes were alert to pick up words and observe events.

Sitting on the back seat were three passengers: me and two young men. The older of the two young men shouldn’t be more than 25years. They both wore ‘rugged jeans’ as they called it and multi-colour t-shirts. They had same haircut with some locks. They were chatting and smiling as the journey continued. The one sitting by my side held on to an IPhone 4 with a cracked screen; he was busy sending chat messages as he talked with the other man. The other man, whom I later discovered to be Ola by name, talked more.

“You know say that babe carry belle? (Don’t you know that babe is pregnant?)

“Which babe?”


“Ye! Ola, na so you give am belle come send am away after?’(Ola, so you eventually got her pregnant and still jilted her?)

“For where? No be me get belle o! Belle wey don pass 8months? Our two just come back like 5months ago na. (How? I am not responsible for her pregnancy! The pregnancy is about 8months? Meanwhile, we both got back about 5months ago.)

“You don mad Ola. You dey climb another man belle? (You are mad Ola! So you lay with another man’s pregnant wife?)” The other man snapped his fingers in disappointment.

“I no know before now? Na April I suspect say she don carry, I come challenge am. (I did not know until April when I suspected she was pregnant. So I challenged her)

The other man looked at Ola in awe “O-L-A!” was all he could utter.

“Bros, you tight o! Gbayi! (Brother, you are the man! Respect!)” The driver said with a loud chuckle.

“Were ni babe yen ke? She dey tell me say na because she too love me. Because she too dey gbadun me and because she nor fit lef me na im make am no tell me say she get belle for another person. (That babe is crazy. She told me it was because she loved me. She said she couldn’t tell me she was pregnant because she always enjoyed ‘it’ with me and she couldn’t let go of me.)

“No wonder she nor fit tell me wetin happen when I ask am how far. (No wonder she couldn’t tell me what happened when I asked her about it.)

“Na so o! She don born now sef and she still dey call me dey tell me love love things. (Yes, she has even put to bed but she still calls to express her love always.)” He chuckled loudly.

The other two passengers sitting in front turned to look at the duo. I coughed and looked on as if I was not listening.

“So, guy how e go be now? You go still dey do am? (So, what’s up my guy? Will you still keep your relationship with her?)

“Why not? We don arrange for this weekend sef but na the husband I just dey fear. (Why not? We have an appointment for this weekend but I am scared of her husband.)” Ola responded.

“You no suppose fear now? Fight for ya babe back now? (You don’t have to be afraid. Fight for your babe to come back to you?)

“Why I no go fear. The guy na kolo! (Why won’t I? That guy is a mad man!)


“I call Rhoda one day like that. I no know say na the husband carry phone. Na so me I just they flow yeye flow dey go. The next thing wey I hear na threat. (I called Rhoda some time ago. I didn’t know her husband was the one that picked the call. I was just talking. All of a sudden, he threatened me.(Mimicking) “If you ever call this line again abi I catch you, you go suffer. (If you ever call this line again or I get to catch you, you’ll suffer.)

The other man laughed out very loudly “You don mad. The guy suppose curse you straight! (You are mad. The man should have cursed you straightaway.)

“I jejely cut the call. (I simply hung up.)” Ola responded. “The next time I see Rhoda, she don get black eye. (By the time I got to see Rhoda, she had been beaten black and blue.)

“Driver o wa o! (Driver, I’m alighting here!” I said.

The driver pulled over and I alighted. I looked at the guys and shook my head as the car zoomed off.


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