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“See my Zeez!”

The day broke in no time. I was awoken by Zeez’s noise. He had vomited. I rushed to his side. He felt embarrassed. I helped him in cleaning up. He went to shower. By the time he was back, I had fixed the mess. He sat on the edge of his bed. I walked up to him. I pulled a chair to myself. I sat facing him.

“Zeez, what Happened?”

He looked lost.

“Come with me!” I ordered him.

He got up slowly. He still had the hang-over. He managed to find his feet. I pulled at his arm and he followed me like a goat being led to the slaughter table. We were outside the building in no time. We got to his car. He was shocked.

“What?” He shouted.

“That’s one of the result of your drunkenness last night.” I responded.

He sat down with tears in his eyes. I went to sit with him. I tried to console him.

“Zeez, you don’t need this. You are a man and you have to be one. You shouldn’t allow situations weigh you down. Instead, make a lemonade out of the lemon life has given you.”

“You don’t understand. She made me suffer. She made a fool out of me.” He cried.

I pulled him close and held on to his hands. He looked at me in the eyes. I saw love and helplessness in his eyes.

“Zeez, a problem shared is a problem half solved.”

“Two years after the birth of Earnest, I sent Feyi to Calabar for her postgraduate studies. I chose to give her a surprise visit. It was her birthday but I didn’t tell her I was coming to visit her. I arrived Calabar an evening before. I lodged in a hotel near her residence. I was at the bar drinking when I overheard a guy’s conversation. From the conversation, I was able to know that my second house had been sold. The guy was giving the direction of his newly procured house to his consultant and the address he gave matched my house address. I couldn’t challenge him because I had no proof. I called Feyi and she denied any knowledge of such. I called my friend, Kolade. I requested him to go early the following morning to confirm the situation. The following morning, he called to confirm that the house had been sold by my wife, Feyi. I left for her residence in fury. I walked into her living room. The house was silent like there was no one in it despite the fact that the main door was unlocked. I went to her room. To my surprise, I saw her doing ‘it’ with my lawyer and friend. By the time I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital. I later found out that Earnest was not my son after all. She bore him for my lawyer.”

He told me the story with sadness. I tried to talk him out of the disappointment. Later that year, he relocated to the Netherlands.

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Seeing him again after so many years was a the best I could ever wish for that day. When we eventually found a better place, we talked and talked and talked. We got back to our usual selves. We were here and there together again. A week later, he brought me home. As he walked me to our gate, he stopped abruptly and faced me.


“Yes Zeez. What’s up?”

“Please be my wife.” He said softly.

I was awed. Before I could say a thing, he had pulled me close. He gave me the best kiss I have had in a long time.

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