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“See my Zeez!” I exclaimed.

I was on Kolobo Road. I had just concluded an audio recording at the UN-Screw lab. I had a long tiring day. I had waited on the road for a while but couldn’t get a taxi. I was tired and my legs were shaky. A Corolla approached from the left. It slowed down as it got close to me.  It pulled over a little distance away from where I stood. The driver honked the horn but I pretended as if I was not aware the horn was for me. After a while, the driver reversed the car to where I stood. As soon as the car stopped, the window was wound down.


“See my Zeez!” I exclaimed.

“Arodu Black Dye!” He responded with a wide smile.

“What a pleasant surprise?”

He alighted from the car. I ran into his arms. It felt right. It’s been long I saw him. I have missed him. I buried my head in his broad chest. He held on to my chin. He looked into my eyes. Yes, I could see it. I saw that love. My eyes went teary but I was able to hold back the tears. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“I was on my way to the Zeel Studio.”

“Really?” I responded

“Yes, I was going in search of you.”


“Let’s find a better place.” He said and winked as usual.

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Zeez was a tall, handsome, loving and very industrious young man. I met him through a professional colleague. He was a graduate of Mass Communication. He was warm and friendly. He was very playful but shy at some things and in some situation. He was into auto sales and procurement. We got close, so much that a lot of people who knew us believed we were in a more intimate relationship. We were everywhere together. We ate together and drank together. He could come over to my house to spend days and I do same to when I visit his house. I knew virtually everything about him just as he knew mine. He never denied me of whatever I sought from him. I loved him like a brother and friend; even more. I know he loved me too. Whenever I had issues, he stood in my defense. When he eventually he eventually got into a relationship, it took his girlfriend a long time to adjust to my relationship with Zeez.

One day, I came to town. I had been away for a while because of the new job I got. As soon as I got to town, Zeez picked me up. We spent some time in his auto shop. When it was evening, around 8pm, he suggested a visit to some fun places around town.

“Let me treat you to nice Jazz music.”


“I know you love Jazz.” He winked as usual.

“I’m in.” I smiled.

“How’s your wife?” I asked.

“Let’s talk about us.” He responded.

“Hmnnn…. I am suspecting you.”

We smiled but I could read through our chat. Something was definitely wrong.

We’ve been in the Jazz Club for a while. The music was soft and captivating. The lights were colourful and the atmosphere was very romantic. Zeez had drunk too much beer. I only drank two bottles of Malt drink. I was never into alcohol. He was obviously drunk. I tried to check his drinking but he kept convincing me he was not drunk. I knew something was wrong with him. That was not his usual self.

“Zeez, I think it’s time we left for home?”

“It’s not late, is it?” He asked drunkenly.

I managed to convince him. He almost fell as we walked out of the club but for my quick support. I suggested we joined a cab but he insisted on driving. He bashed the driver side of his car on the fence. Luckily, one of his friends was in the club. He offered to drive us home.

We got to his house in no time. Tola assisted in getting him into the house and made sure he was a bit stable before he left. It was a long stressful night for me. I watched him talk through his drunkenness.

“I’m sorry Arodu.” He started.

“Sorry? For what?” I asked.

“I love you Arodu. Really I do but I was scared. I could not tell you because I was scared of losing our friendship. I should have said my mind. I wouldn’t have found myself in this.”

“Zeez, you are drunk.”

“Yes, I am but I know what I am saying Arodu.”

“Feyi has ruined me!”

He kept saying that till he eventually slept. I thought over all he said through the night as I watched him sleep. He said a lot.  You know whatever was on the mind of a man comes out of his mouth when he is drunk? I watched him sleep. I loved him. Yes, I did. Unfortunately, he had his woman and there was nothing I could do. You know, sometimes you don’t get what your heart desires? I tried to get off the thought. He snored loudly. I wiped his teary eyes, covered him with a duvet and placed a soft kiss on his lips. I took solace in a corner. I turned on the sound system. It played softly. I dozed off in no time.

The day broke in no time. I was awoken by Zeez’s noise. He had vomited. I rushed to his side. He felt embarrassed. I helped him in cleaning up. He went to shower. By the time he was back, I had fixed the mess. He sat on the edge of his bed. I walked up to him. I pulled a chair to myself. I sat facing him.

“Zeez, what Happened?”

…to be continued

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