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Single Ladies: 8 Signs The Man You Are Dating Is Married



Ladies if you’re looking for signs you’re dating a married man, this article will give you the red flags to look out for so that it can be avoided.

We’ve seen a lot of men lie about their marriage status just so that they can easily have their way with ladies. Not every lady would love to have an affair with a married man, but sometimes men could disguise their marriage just to get that lady.

This is actually unfair and many ladies have entered such relationships unsuspecting. These men could act so sweet and charming, with the lady feeling she’s found her soul mate, only for her hopes to be dashed, and she being heartbroken at the end. This has happened countless times in the lives of many women, but if only they take their eye off the excitement and thrills of that man and pay attention to some little details then they might not fall prey to this situation.

These are some little details every lady should have in mind:

1. His Ring Finger

This is a very obvious giveaway that not many ladies are conscious of. If he has a tan on his left ring finger then that man is obviously married. After months or years of wearing a ring, it leaves a tan on the hands of many people.

2. He Never Introduces You To His Family

He might introduce you to his friends and make you feel loved, but if he hasn’t introduced you to his family then it isn’t just right. He would definitely want to hide the relationship from the family as they won’t be supportive of his extramarital affairs. So, if he keeps being sweet and nice to you, showers you with gifts and does everything no one has done but still won’t introduce you to his family, then he’s probably only trying to distract you.

3. He Never Invites You Home

A married man would never invite you to his home; he would rather have you meet him at a hotel or at your residence. Every man loves to invite his lady to his house; if he doesn’t then something is definitely up. The only exception to this rule is if he’s rich enough to own two or more homes.

4. He Ends Calls And Chats Abruptly

This is a normal scenario that might occur with a married man. He could be freely be talking or chatting with you this minute and go off the next; this would only show that he has something he’s hiding from you — that’s a wife.

5. He Doesn’t Receive Certain Calls In Front Of You

This is another sign that you shouldn’t be oblivious of. If he always has to go away to pick certain calls then it’s obvious that something is fishy.

6. He’s Unreachable At Certain Hours

Of course, with a married man, expect moments of his number going on voicemail, being switched off or just unreachable. These things aren’t ordinary.

7. You Keep Having That Feeling

Sometimes the mind has power to feel that which the brain cannot fathom, but more often than not we tend to disregard what it feels. If you keep having a feeling that there is something fishy about your man then there might really be something fishy about him.

8. He Is Always Full Of Excuses

A married man is always full of excuses; it’s either he has to travel for this business or work tied him down or his mum is sick or the other. If he’s always coming up with excuses and making impromptu plans or impromptu excuses then that man is most likely married.

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