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Six Ghanaian Boys Gang Rape A Girl & Record It (video)



gang rapist

Trending video on social media shows at least six Ghanaian boys forcing a girl to sex in a room.

From the video, it is clear that the girl knows the guys and probably live in the same compound or community. There was some sort of resistance from the girl right from the onset. She kept warning them of what may happen if they continued with the despicable act.

One of the guys held the hands of the girl unto the bed whiles the others took turn raping her. Although penetration was difficult for some of them, obviously due to the situation, others did penetrate. Finally, the guy holding her down got up with his hardon and went in like he owned the girl.

Five minutes into the video, an older person (by voice) entered the room and sacked them out.

This is not the first time we are saying such a thing. Few years ago, two students of Opoku Ware School slept with a student of St. Louis SHS and recorded it. It was the talk of town for a while and nothing was done about it because they were all minors and it seemed like a consensual act.

However, this particular one from Bantama can not be said to be consensual. NsromaMedia’s checks reveal that the guys involved have been arrested. It is still unclear at this stage if they are minors.

Watch the video here

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