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South African Based Pastor Predicts Who The Next President Of Nigeria Would Be (Video)



A South African based Nigerian pastor, Samuel Akinbodunse has claimed that the next president of Nigeria would be a youth and his name starts with ‘S’

The clergy man dropped this shocking prophecy about Nigeria and 2019 election in a live service at his South Africa Church, the Freedom for all Nation Outreach General Overseer.

The man of God made it known that come 2019, Nigeria will have a youth as President and the name of the person starts with ‘S’.

So far, candidates that have indicated interest in becoming president come 2019 with S as their names are 47 year old Sowore Omoyele and 55 year old Saraki Bukola. Others on social media insinuate it may also be ‘Sai Buhari’.

Watch video below.

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