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The Final Show Down Between Bloggers Abike Jagaban And Esabod (video)



The rivalry between popular UK/Ireland  bloggers, Abike Jagaban and Esabod got messy over the weekend in London with both crews actually exchanging blows.

Tolulope Adeoye, (Abike Jagaban)

Both bloggers Tokunbo Esther Aboderin, fondly called ESABOD and Tolulope Olowoghaba  aka Abike Jagaban who have been at war with each other for couple of years took their feud to the next level by actually fighting dirty on the streets in London.

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Esabod who lives in Ireland was  said to have arrived London with her group members ”Omo Ewe” to fight the “Omo Aye” headed by Abike Jagaban.

Tokunbo Esther Aboderin ( Esabod)

Prominent old Esabod’s ”Omo Ewe” members, who have all now decamped to the  ”Omo Aye”group  led the the fight on behalf of the Abike Jagaban led group. Physically assaulted and almost stripped naked was Helen Gbemi Ogundimu a former close pal of Esabod turn big sister of  Abike and popularly addressed as the ‘Yeyeluwa 1 of the Aj Team”.  Also present was Mum-HannahMayowa another very prominent member of the ”Ewe Nation” but now with the ”Aye Nation”.

Present on the other side too was,  former ”Omo Aye” turned ”Omo Ewe” Dorcas Adeyinka popularly called LadyPolodiee and Soji Igbehinadun A.K.A Olowogbogboro, according to reports, this two were alleged to have played a major role in instigating what became the final show down on Sunday afternoon.

Looking on while the fight lasted and seem to be enjoying the confrontation as revealed on the video clip were the two heads of the groups Abike Jagaban and Esabod.  Both of them Surrounded by what looks like their bodyguards.

Blogging the children of each other and cursing on them seems to be the height of it all that led to the fracas on Sunday afternoon. The meeting place for the  very messy physical fight was right at the Strafford  Center before  the police intervened . Meanwhile, both groups are busy claiming victory.

The motives behind this show of shame  not withstanding, many think it was not worth it and have condemned  it in very strong terms as it serves as a blight on the Nigerian community in the UK.

The fight is said to have ended leaving many injured.

It is now looking more like a cult issue and no one can tell how this will end.

Watch scenes reportedly from the fight below..

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