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The night was cool. We all had talked about this and that. We had a large house that night. One of my friends came around and was sleeping over. My younger sister was around too. My younger brother and his three friends were home that night, as well as my parents, two teenage foster brothers and my little niece. We had a lot to eat and drink.

It was a Friday. At about 9pm, my brother announced that he’d be going out with his friends for the boys’ thing, clubbing, until the following morning. My parents gave their consent and they left leaving us with an old man, my father, and the teenage boys.

After the usual night prayer, everyone left for their bedrooms. I shared the room with my sister and niece. While my friend had a room to herself. The boys used the remaining room.

It was a norm for me, whenever I was home, to double-check on the exits and entrances of the house when everyone had gone in to sleep for the night.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to observe my norm for the night. I slept off as soon as I hit the bed.

I woke up to the call of nature. I was pressed, I needed to urinate!

The lights in the room were off. My sister and niece were deeply asleep on the 12′ x 12′ bed in the room. I chose the floor because I loved sleeping on the floor.

Luckily, the moon was bright. We had our curtain parted, allowing for the light from the moon to shine through. I went to the loo.

I had barely layed on the matress when I saw a flash of light. I was curious. I stood up. In that instance, I saw an image of a man walked past the window. I became scared but I quickly adjusted. I quietly sneaked out of the room. I checked the exits and enterances, they were on lock and keys. I saw the boys sprawled on the floor in the living room. I was surprised. I expected them to be in the bedroom. I wanted to wake them but I knew it was risky; the boys can be noisily uncoordinated when you wake them abruptly. So I left them to enjoy their sleep. I returned to my bedroom. I couldn’t sleep. I kept looking at the direction of the window. Some few minutes later I saw the light flash again. “There’s more to this” my mind told me. I hurriedly but quietly woke my sister. She almost shouted when I told her what I saw but for my quick action. I covered her mouth with my palm. She was terrified. She got out of the bed and held me like I was her saviour.

We tiptoed to the sitting room. As soon as we passed the dining area, we heard the small outdoor gate open almost quietly. I told her to wait by the TV as I carried a heavy stool close to the main door at the sitting room. Everyone was asleep except for me and my sister doing the “vigilante” job.

I positioned myself in readiness for the entry of the lone robber. The glas door was slid open by the lone robber but he couldn’t enter easily because of the burglary proof. He obviously planned to wriggle through the burglary proof design once his head was in. I could see him through a slight part in the curtains. He wore a long blue jeans with no belt. He was bare chested with no obvious weapon on him except for the small flash light he held. He looked bold. Despite the security lights within the compound, he seemed not afraid. He was bare footed.

My sister was very jittery. She was at the verge of tears. I had raised the stool in standby for action. Immediately the robber pushed aside the curtain and was about pushing his head through the burglary proof, my sister shouted “OLE!”

Instantly, the robber disappeared.

I felt really defeated. Why did she shout?
Her continuous and non-stopping shout awoke everybody, including my father.
We all gathered in the living room and talked at the same time. I put a call across to some neighbourhood security agents who responded swiftly. A search was launched for the robber.

I was angry that my sister didn’t make me earn my “WAR LORD” title but can I blame her?
She was once a victim of robbery but was lucky to come out of the experience unhurt!


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