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Top 10 Footballers With The Most Expensive Private Jets In The World




If you’re a top-class footballer, it’s only natural you’ll want to travel in style in your own private jet. But which player has the most costly set of wings?

Footballers love the luxurious things in life. They drive fast cars, wear expensive clothes and some even branch out into their own restaurants.

But these individuals take the term ‘baller’ to a whole new level and have the use of their own planes.

Let’s take you into the world of the private jets that the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar and David Beckham love to travel in.

You’ll never look at EasyJet the same way again…

10. Ronaldinho
Embraer Phenom 100

He may have just retired, but with plenty of money still in the bank he will be able to run his jet for years to come.

Brazilian-made, like the great man, he can get up to seven mates on board this light aircraft.

It has a maximum flight range of 1,355 miles at a speed of 466 miles per hour, so it’s the perfect jet for a short haul flight.

Cost: £2.6 million

9. Kaka
Cessna Citation CJ3 Plus

We know the former Brazilian international loves the finer things in life, he owns one of the best homes in the world in Madrid.

He also has this gorgeous jet which can carry up to nine passengers at a cruise speed of 478 miles per hour.

Able to do 2,040 nautical miles, it’s also one of more stylish on the market.

It even has a fully digital autopilot system that provides safety and reliability, should an emergency take place.

Cost: £5.7 million

8. Gareth Bale
Cessna Citation XL Plus

When he entered the big league at Real Madrid, he needed a proper set of wings to accompany him.

The flying Welshman can do up to 2,100 nautical miles on his Cessna Citation XL Plus.

And at 507 miles per hour, it will be able to get Gareth to Wales and back from Madrid in no time.

Cost: £8.6 million

7. Neymar
Embraer Legacy 450

The world’s most expensive footballer, who also owns his own helicopter, has this set of wings that are the envy of many.

If he’s looking to party or ferry around his stunning girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, this provides ample room with capacity of up to nine guests.

Like the player himself, this speedy plane can cover up to 531 an hour.

It can also muster 2,900 nautical miles in one go, which won’t get Neymar quite to Brazil but over halfway there.

The jet’s neatest feature is its enhanced flight vision system, which boasts an infrared camera.

Cost: £10.8 million

6. Wayne Rooney
Dassault Falcon 900LX

Based in Geneva, Wayne can call upon this luxurious aircraft whenever he wishes and it’s a really a piece of art.

At 66 feet long and 24 feet in height, it really stands out from the crowd.

It covers as much ground as the Everton great (4,750 nautical miles) and does it consuming less fuel because of its revolutionary engine.

Even better, it is able to take Rooney from Liverpool’s John Lennon airport to a holiday spot in Dubai, so he avoids flying commercial completely.

Cost: £14 million

5. Paul Pogba
Gulfstream G280

The French superstar loves his bling, dresses like a megastar and travels like a pop star.

He chooses this super-stylish Gulfstream that is the epitome of class, style and cool.

It gallops through the air at an impressive 559 miles per hour, but can only cover 3,600 nautical miles.

Pogba can also bring an entourage with him for his short haul flights, with the cabin on the G280 able to accommodate 10 passengers.

The interiors are insane, with plush white leather seats providing the ultimate comfort.

He even has his own bed so he can rest and recuperate while airborne.

Cost: £18 million

4. David Beckham
Bombardier Challenger 350

David knows a thing or two about private jets, which is why the Bombardier is the best-selling business jet of the last decade.

The 350 comes with a more luxurious interior, including bigger windows to peer out of for an extra £1 million.

Although, judging by his wife Victoria’s Instagram, he prefers to have a kip during flight time.

Becks does keep his plane stored in California and he still flies commercially too with his brood.

The Bombardier can carry eight passengers over 3,200 nautical miles and can reach a top flight speed of 528 miles per hour.

Cost: £19 million

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Cessna Citation Longitude

A new jet on the scene in the Cessna range, this jet took its first flight in 2016 and was introduced for hire in 2017.

The big man likes his planes large too, it has a 65 feet wing span, one of the biggest around.

Inside it’s equally as impressive with comfortable leather seats allowing Zlatan to kick back and relax while in the air.

Reaching a cruise speed of 548 miles per hour, it’s nippy and is spacious with room for 12 passengers.

It can reach up to 3,500 nautical miles from one flight time.

Cost: £21 million

2. Lionel Messi
Embraer Legacy 650

The second best player in the world has the second most expensive plane on the list.

Leo loves to ride in the exquisite comfort of the Embraer Legacy 650, which comes with a hefty price tag.

A longer version of the Legacy 600, this jet can muster 3,900 nautical miles in one sitting.

It can also carry an impressive 1,134 kilograms on one trip, so there’s plenty of room for luggage.

14 people can climb on board and it can reach a maximum speed of 528 miles per hour.

It also comes with a 10-year or 10,000 flight hour warranty, should Leo encounter any issues.

Cost: £25 million

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
Gulfstream G650

Who else would have the most expensive plane on the list?

Cristiano lives like a king and when he travels on a private jet he does it better than anyone else.

The Real Madrid ace opts for a G650 which can carry an incredible 18 passengers at once.

It’s the fastest jet on the list, able to hit a top speed of 610 miles per hour too.

This twin-engine beauty can carry 2,950 kilograms and manages up to 7,000 nautical miles.

It’s the biggest and baddest private jet out there, and naturally it’s owned by Cristiano, who has even customised his jet with his squad number.

Cost: £28 million

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