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Ugandan Boyfriend Leaks Girlfriend’s N*ked Photos and Video Online



Face Jail

Some ladies are yet to learn concerning the danger of sending a nude videos and photos to their boyfriends in the name of love because it may backfire in an unexpected way.

According to Ugbliz, This is the most saddening news to the side of Kadama a girl who is working in Muscat the capital of Oman who was busted and exposed by her only boyfriend (names withheld) who stays in Uganda in a way that he decided to release Kadama’s (his girlfriend) n#de video on allegations that she failed to comply with his demands.

These two have been in a relationship for a long time that is said to be around four years and Kadama left Uganda for kyeyo to Oman where they kept in touch and she trusted him so much to the extent of undressing herself in a video for him promising to show him what her mama gave her. But the boyfriend decided to betray her by blackmailing her and exposed her honey pot.

Kadama’s boyfriend asked her for a whopping one million shillings in order not to release the video of which she never complied positively and he released it on the internet exposing her fresh juicy pot which she was from cleaning in the showers. He moved on to threaten her that he will release n#de pictures too if she doesn’t pay heed to his demands and.

It should be noted that recently we had the same case where tycoon Jack Pemba also played such a game as he asked his girlfriend Honey Suleman for $5,000 not to release her s3x tape where she was doing s3xual acts with Pemba himself, when she failed to do so, he released it. This is also another form of scamming so lovers are warned.

See the photos below:

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