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UK Doctors Unable to Diagnose Buhari of Any Illness



A credible source in the presidency says doctors treating President Buhari are unable to diagnose him of any illness despite all the tests carried out.

The source adds that several tests has been conducted and both local and foreign specialists cant tell what exactly is going on with Buhari’s health. It has only been confirmed that he has no appetite for food.

ERICGOSSIP.COM, quotes the source as saying; “Those accusing the presidency of being economical with the truth on the actual state of health of the president are missing the point because you can only disclose what you know.

“As at today, nobody knows the kind of ailment battling Mr. President. Even his doctors in the UK don’t know what is wrong with him. Lots of tests have been done; in fact they have done everything humanly possible but they still can’t detect what is wrong with him. That is why the doctors have decided to place him under long observation to see if they can diagnose what is wrong with him on the long run.

“For those of us who are close to President Buhari, he can’t stay for a long time without food. He doesn’t have the endurance for long fasting and that is why those referring to him as a religious fanatic are wrong. Here is a man who doesn’t joke with his food but suddenly once he takes a spoon, he throws up. And you know if you don’t eat for a long time, you become weak and emaciated.

“When the condition became critical, they have to devise other means of feeding him, but we’re happy at the level of significant progress he has made in the last couple of weeks”, he said.

The source added thatcontrary to reports, president Buhari has not been diagonised of prostrate cancer nor is or battling with Crohn’s disease.

“From the information we have, every organ of the president is working perfectly. The only problem is his inability to eat well due to loss of appetite. That is why some people are alleging that the president may have been poisoned or under some kind of spiritual attack.”

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