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Woman Confronts Pastor During Church Service Of Sleeping With Her Daughter (Video)



An unidentified woman caused a major havoc in a church, when she interrupted a Sunday service to yell at the pastor and accuse him of allegedly sleeping with her young daughter.

According to her, the pastor has been sleeping with her daughter for three years, and the pastor called the police on the daughter – after she confronted the pastor about him having a second affair.

The woman, who is also a member of the church, accused the pastor in front of his wife who was sitting in the pews.

“Leave my child alone, three years you’ve been messing with her,” the woman said.

Reacting to the allegations, the pastor continued preaching after she left, and said:

“We’re gonna have a church. Amen. Is that alright?”

The incident happened at the Word Fellowship Church in Prentiss, Mississippi.

Watch video below:

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